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By Ann Cronin 

 Considering it may be the most talked about wedding of the year, it seems only right to draw some inspiration from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day that you can incorporate into your own summer celebration. 

 Treat your bridal team 

 Meghan gave each of her young bridesmaids a pair of white leather shoes monogrammed with their initials and the wedding date, as a token of gratitude and a gift to ensure they remember their important role in her big day. This is a nice sentiment that you can incorporate into your own bridal party. Perhaps gift them a piece of engraved jewellery to wear on the day and have as a reminder, or a small gift or card to represent why you chose them and how grateful you are. 

 Honour your loved ones 

Meghan’s bouquet and flower arrangements included flowers picked from their private garden, as well as Forget-Me-Nots, which were the late Diana’s favourite flower. The white roses also were a token of remembrance for Harry’s mother, as last Summer a temporary garden of white flowers, known as the ‘White Garden’ was opened on the palace grounds for the twentieth anniversary of her passing. If you wish to create the presence of a loved one who could not attend or has passed on, you could represent them by including some favourite flowers or a colour scheme which you know will make you and your guests think of them. To add you and your partner’s personal touch to your décor, you could include flowers which are significant to your heritage and home place, or even flowers which are native to your honeymoon destination. 

 Get your guests included 

As well as sporting his army uniform, Harry’s Armed Forces regiments who he served with in Afghanistan played significant roles in the ceremony in terms of transport and the procession. It is always nice to incorporate your loved ones into your ceremony, and they will be honoured that you thought of them to be a part of your big day. Asking a relative with an impressive vehicle to escort some of your bridal party, having someone come up with games and entertainment to keep the little ones happy, or even getting one of your relatives to take some candid snaps of your guests will make your loved ones feel more involved in your day. 

 Change ceremony traditions 

Meghan broke tradition with Prince Phillip walking her down the aisle. As her father couldn’t attend, she had to change up the arrangement and plan her entrance contrary to the ceremonial norm. Maybe you’d like to have your mother give you away or walk down the aisle with your children or other significant family members. You could maybe even include a (hopefully well-trained) family pet in your big moment! It’s 2018 and these traditions are not set in stone, so don’t be afraid to venture away from the expected in your ceremony.  





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