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Bridal speeching! Yay or nay?

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By Niamh Bartley

A lot of modern brides are opting to make a speech on their
wedding day. It can be a great addition to the wedding day, but we’ve put
together a pro and con list to help you decide whether or not this modern trend
could be for you. We love the idea but there are arguments both for and against
so have a read and see what you think.


It can be touching
Obviously, it’s lovely to hear from a
bride when you go to their wedding, they have spent so long putting together
this day and it’s nice for them to reach every guest at once.

It saves time
Some of your guests may feel scorned if you
don’t talk to them personally, but if you have a wedding of 200 people it is
impossible to have a lengthy conversation (or even share a few words) with
every single person you invite. You’ll have great intentions of doing so, but
you’ll be dragged away for photos and drinks and so many different things that
you simply won’t have the time. Making a speech will make your guests and you
feel better and it means you won’t have to worry as much about running around
to everybody and you can enjoy your day that much more.


Additional speech time
Wedding speeches are lovely and
touching, but sometimes they do tend to drag on a bit long. If you’re making
your speeches before the meal you’re in for a starving crowd of guests so be
careful not to make your part too long. Additionally, if your speeches are
after dinner your guests will want to go dancing and to the bar, not sit at the
table for an extra hour than they need to.

Danger of repetition
Unless you have a way with words, your
speech will probably consist of lots of ‘thank you’ and ‘we’re glad you could
make it’, but your husband might have similar ideas and you could end up saying
the same thing as each other, at least in part. This will most definitely bore
your guests so try to coordinate your speech with his, without giving too much
away, or else you could be in a bit of bother.

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