Wedding stylist extraordinaire Catriona Shelton of Kitture
Weddings tapped into her inner love for all things grandeur and styled an
amazing photoshoot based on the ever so popular Downton Abbey theme. Catriona,
who has been asked by clients to use this theme as an inspiration to style
their own

By Niamh Bartley

Weddings are always going to be expensive affairs, but there
certainly are ways to cut down the cost. Pair that with some handy tips for
saving up your money before the wedding and you should save yourself a lot of
hassle and debt when all is said and done.

By Niamh Bartley

There are plenty of reasons to steer clear of a bridal
party, whether you can’t choose between your besties or there’s no one you
could imagine sharing top table with apart from your future husband. Regardless
of why your bridesmaid-less, we have some great advice on h

by Niamh Bartley

For many brides,
choosing who will walk you down the aisle is a hugely important decision and,
while tradition has evolved in recent times, fathers are still a prominent
choice for a lot of lucky ladies.The tradition of a father walking his daughter
down the aisle dates b