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Louise Eustace from Grace Events gives us the lowdown on how to nail wedding décor and embrace your own style for your wedding day.  



Wedding styling is still a relatively new concept in Ireland and we have finally moved away from the standard traditional Irish wedding and have really embraced a more relaxed, unique and ultimately more enjoyable experience for the couple and their guests. For me, it’s all about the couple. Bringing their personalities into the day is so important. Getting married can be daunting, the planning process overwhelming and the executing of all the minute details as the day draws nearer just scary! Our role is to gather all those lovely dreams you have, and those multiple, multiple Pinterest boards, and put a solid plan in place for you, one that feels coordinated and finished. Above all else you want to walk into the space you have created for you and your guests to enjoy for the day and feel like it’s a reflection of you as a couple, be that a wild festival with a relaxed vibe or a classic elegant soiree with the wow factor.   

We are so excited this year to be launching new ceremony collections. Your ceremony is the first impression, setting the tone for the rest of the day so it’s the perfect place to add some gorgeous detailing. I loved the idea of having four finished looks created making it really easy for all our future couples to visualise what their own ceremony could look like. I also focused on creating packages that coordinated with our reception stock collections. This allows us to really simply pull together the styling for your entire day, from that first step down the red carpet aisle to the last picture with your bridesmaids in front of our rose wall and everything in between!” 


 Louise’s Top Tips 

– LOOK at your venue. Using online inspiration is a fantastic tool but the decor used in an image of an orange groove in California will not always translate to a city centre venue in Limerick. Work with the venue and you will get so much more from the decor you selected when it compliments rather than competes with the existing interior.  


– LISTEN to the right people. You and your partner. That’s it. No one else’s opinion on the day matters. You are creating a moment that you will remember for the rest of your lives, make it a good one!  


– TRUST your suppliers. Research who you are working with on the day, meet with them if possible so you can get a feel for who they are and what they do and then let it go. There are wonderful professionals in this industry, let them do their job and your stress levels will deplete!  


– BE BRAVE This is the best bit of advice ever. Be brave enough to bring your personalities into the day. It truly makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone attending. Think about the things that make you who you are as a couple and bring some of that into the day. This is what will make it memorable and exciting to attend the event, its why everyone is there, to celebrate who you guys! 


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Michaela is Deputy Editor at Drew Media and is our go to gal when it comes to our Real Weddings and fabulous features content. Michaela also works on our events such as The Munster Wedding Extravaganza and The Brides of Limerick Wedding Industry Awards.

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