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By Michaela Keating

Many couples are overwhelmed at the thoughts of budgeting for their big day, and find the balance between having what you want for your day and what you need, a struggle. Here are some ways to reel in the spending and make sure you still achieve your dream day- within the budget.  


Set out a budget 

The first thing every bride and groom to be is to set out a realistic budget. Pool together your options including your incomes, loans or other external sources of cash and get down to know where you’re at with your numbers. Perhaps not the most fun element to your wedding planning but it is an essential. This also allows you both to spend some time together in the evenings, so chill out with a cuppa and chat through the rest of your ideal wedding day together once the heavy stuff has been dealt with.  


Money chart 

Set up a money chart so you can keep track of the spending and keep an account of who is spending what. This will help to reign in the over spender of the relationship and give you both some perspective on where the money is going.  


Prioritise you 

Throwing the majority of your budget at something that won’t necessarily make your day, is a common mistake that engaged couples make when planning. Set out what takes priority to you as a couple. If you are music lovers, invest in a kick-ass band to entertain you and your guests for the night or if you are foodies, go for the premium menu option provided by your venue to make sure your taste buds are also having the best day of their lives. Before making a big spend, justify that portion of your budget and make sure it is worth the investment.  


Hire as much as possible 

Whether you want to create a winter wonderland or pastel paradise with your theme, buying lots of décor and props is not going to be kind to your finances. Save money and time by hiring a décor company or wedding hire service to provide you with the décor and design pieces you are looking for. Putting your faith in the professionals to pull through on your vision is part of the process and will save you spending money on things that will only be used once.  



Useful gifts 

Many members of your family and friends may ask you what you would like for your wedding day as a gift. Seize this opportunity and ask for something that you would like to have at your wedding but may not be able to afford by yourself. DIY children’s entertainment corners, favours and seating charts can help take the weight off and also provide a personal touch from some of your nearest and dearest to your day.  

Michaela is Deputy Editor at Drew Media and is our go to gal when it comes to our Real Weddings and fabulous features content. Michaela also works on our events such as The Munster Wedding Extravaganza and The Brides of Limerick Wedding Industry Awards.

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