Breaking tradition made for Elizabeth and Connor’s dream day

Breaking tradition made for Elizabeth and Connor’s dream day

Photos courtesy of Tom Doherty Photography 

Elizabeth & Connor 

October 14, 2017-  The Three Towers Eco House & Organic Kitchen 

Elizabeth, who was born in England but spent most of her childhood in New Jersey, USA, never expected to find her Nenagh native husband Connor when she went to work in a children’s summer camp on the UK five years ago.  

“I organised and ran events as an Activity Leader and Connor was a House Parents taking care of the younger children. After work ended, he visited me to and then shorter distance for one year, between Edinburgh and London, seeing each other on average once every five months. We finally congregated in Birmingham.”, the bride shared.  

After a long-distance relationship, it was clear that the couple would eventually say ‘I do’, but instead of a traditional proposal, they made a joint decision to get married. “I told Connor that he was not allowed to propose. I do not have the best patience and I do not like taking a back seat in anything, so it was best to nip that in the bud early on! A few years later we were walking in the quite forest near his house and, in that crisp summer afternoon, agreed that the time was right for us to make our first steps towards married life,” Elizabeth said.  

And with that, October 14, 2017 would be the day the pair became man and wife at The Three Towers Eco House & Organic Kitchen. 

Personal touches  

“I follow the Baha’ Í faith, I do not drink alcohol and preferred it not to be at the wedding. Guests hardly noticed the difference and we were still dancing until it was wrapped up in the morning”, Elizabeth shared.  Instead, the couple had served delicious smoothies and fancy soft drinks.  

“My mum made my dress from scratch. She was amazing, especially since she had to be a remote seamstress with her living in the States and me in England. I did not properly see the dress or try it on until a couple days before the wedding. My one request was the it was not all white. The rest was born from her creativity and research.” The bride said of her talented mom.  


Memorable moments 

“Our ceremony was outside, and we were all huddled together under and around a pavilion. As soon as our officiant stated that we were husband and wife, a horse gave a loud and prolonged neigh, as if it was cheering, and everyone burst out laughing”, the bride fondly recalls. 



“Tom Doherty is quite simply a star. His photos captured the feeling of the whole wedding in such beautiful way. He went above and beyond because not only did he take photos, but also advised us on where to be during the weeding when we had no idea, fixed up the men’s suits and pins, and was a great conversationalist for our guests. He also kindly set up a video camera so my grandparents, who could not make it to the wedding, could see! Although he stressed that he did not know how the video would turn out, the result was a piece of incredible quality and my grandparents were delighted.” 


Any advice for brides planning their wedding? 

“We had some traditional guests and we were worried they would be uncomfortable by our very untraditional wedding. It turned out our fears were unfounded, and we should have had more faith in our guests!  We also cannot recommend more just going down to your local shops and businesses. You will not get friendlier or more reliable service.”, Elizabeth advises.  

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