Bridal beauty sleep

Bridal beauty sleep


By Ann Cronin  

 Keep a routine  

Ideally, you should be waking up and going to bed at around the same time every morning and night. The thought of giving up your weekend lie-in may be upsetting but this is the best way of getting your body and mind into the habit of maintaining a sleeping pattern and ensuring you sleep through the night. Experts recommend eighth hours of undisturbed sleep every night in order to perform at your best throughout the day. 

 Get moving  

The best way to ensure you sleep better is to be as active as possible throughout the day. We typically live sedentary lives so try incorporate as much activity as possible. Maybe go for a walk during your lunch break or join an exercise class. Experts generally recommend people do 10,000 steps a day so it might be worth using a fitness app or device to track your activity levels and ensure you’re doing good by both your body and your mind.  

 Soothing scents  

There are certain aromas which are ideal for sending busy minds into a serene sleep. Lavender candles or room scents can help achieve this, or purchase a lavender pillow spray to ensure your bed is a sleep-friendly zone. As heat can also make us sleepy, having a relaxing bath before bed with lavender scented products can also be a great way of getting your body and mind into a sleep mood before bed. If there are any other scents or fragrances that you find particularly relaxing, give them a go too. 

 Put down the phone  

Technology and bright LED screens confuse our eyes and our brains, and can make our body find it harder to switch off and sleep. It’s usually recommended you don’t look at bright screens for the hour before you hope to fall asleep to ensure your mind knows it is bed time. If you need to feel occupied before bed, try reading or knitting as a past-time but resist the urge to spend too much time on your phone pre-sleep.  

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