Is a bridal speech right for you?

Is a bridal speech right for you?


By Ann Cronin 

Traditionally the bride does not make a speech at a wedding but in recent years more and more brides are ignoring this constraint and choosing to share a few words on their big day. If you’re considering writing a speech for your reception but are unsure if it’s the best choice for you, here are a few things to consider. 

 Speaking from the heart 

You get to express how you feel about being officially united with your partner and ensure that everyone knows how happy you are to be starting your new life as a wedded woman. If you feel like this is something you would like to share with your guests and feel like you would like a chance to repay your spouse’s kind words, then a speech may be the best way of doing so.  

Expressing your gratitude as an individual 

While your partner’s speech can include all the words of thanks the pair of you wish to extend to your guests, if you feel like you should get to express your own sentiments that is valid. Some brides may feel it impersonal to allow their husband thank certain loved ones on their behalf, so if you want to be the one who extends gratitude to your own parents, family, friends or children then it may be worth writing up your own speech to do so.  

Put your own stamp on the big day 

Having the two of you write your own personal speeches means that the reception and your day as a whole will be original and personal to you. It allows for stories, anecdotes and humour relevant to your relationship. A speech can allow you to reflect on your partner, the relationship and your wedding day from your own unique view-point which can be an emotional highlight of the day.

You can acknowledge those who are important to you but not present 

If you have loved ones who have passed or could not attend the wedding, and you would like to personally reference them and ensure that everyone takes a moment to think about their absence from the celebrations, composing your sentiments in a speech is a good way of ensuring this.  


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