Cancelled or tweaked? Intimate ceremony ideas during COVID-19

Cancelled or tweaked? Intimate ceremony ideas during COVID-19




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When the world came to a halt, seemingly along with it so did the celebration of love. In March, the country began to slowly close until all at once, everything was cancelled. The government restricted travel, no more than 2km from one’s house and social distancing became our new normal. During all of this, couples preparing their vows watched on in despair. Their day that they had planned every inch to the bone was becoming a dream and postponing the wedding was becoming a reality. Amidst all of this though, came the beauty of love prevails and couples found a way to share their day. While still acknowledging and adhering to the restrictions, intimate ceremonies can be a way of honoring your wedding date until the time comes when we can all unite again. 

Guest list duties 

It’s time to start thinking of your shortened guest list and while it may be hard to cross out names, remember once this is all over, they will be sitting right there with you. With the current travel restrictions in place, your guest list will already be down a few unless they live in your county. For now, think of immediate family and close friends. Keep in mind that six people can be together outdoors while practicing social distancing measures.  

Take it outside 

A garden wedding remains to this day, one of the most romantic and personal wedding venues. While you may have envisaged an alternative venue, the backdrop of evergreen trees and wildflowers in full bloom will make your day effortless and is mindful of social restrictions. This setting can allow for guests to keep a safe distance and still share in your special moment.

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Time for skype  

In times of isolation, the world has found ways to come together when we need it most. For those that might miss your ceremony, set a seat aside and video call them in. Try to think of this celebration as a commitment ceremony, vowing yourself to your partner until the day comes you can do it by your friends and family’s side. The day will come when those who mean the most to you will be sitting in those pews, but for now they can be there in the form of a skype call.

DIY your décor  

The beauty of this improvised ceremony is your ability to make this day personal to you and your spouse in any shape or design you want. You could place rugs or petals along a path to create a rustic or delicate aisle. For seating, use the chairs from your house and bring them outdoors to create a quirky and personal venue. If you have candles or fairy lights, then make use of them by scattering and draping them along the aisle and altar. Lastly, take advantage of a speaker and play your wedding soundtrack to honour your original day. 

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