A colourful and creative wedding day for Lena and Ramon

A colourful and creative wedding day for Lena and Ramon

Lena Bolger & Ramon Kassam  

July 8, 2018 – Hotel Doolin 

Photos courtesy of Mrs Red Head Photography 


Lena Bolger and Ramon Kassam first met when the pair were studying in Limerick School of Art and Design in 2003, both their relationship remained platonic for several years. “We were great friends all through college but it wasn’t until after college that we got together at a class reunion party,” Lena recalls. Several years later, Ramon popped the question after the pair had completed a three and a half hour hike around Glendalough in Co. Wicklow. “It was during the freezing cold January of 2017, and Ramon asked me to come down by the lake to take one last photo. He totally surprised me by getting down on one knee and telling me he wanted to love me forever,” Lena remembers. Of course, she said yes and July 8, 2018 was set as the wedding date with both the ceremony and reception taking place in Hotel Doolin, Co. Clare.  


Special touches 

The couple opted for an informal and relaxed humanist ceremony, featuring a ring warming ritual among other unique inclusions. “During the ceremony, we also hammered nails into a wooden box time capsule, which has a bottle of wine and love letter inside which we will open on our fifth anniversary,” Lena adds. The ceremony music was performed by the bridesmaids as well as Ramon’s sister’s boyfriends, adding a personal touch.  


As both Lena and Ramon both work in art, the pair wanted to standout theme of their special day to be one of colour. “We wanted our day to be bright, airy and colourful,” Lena explains. To achieve this, the pair opted for a range of brightly coloured flowers and Lena wore a matching floral headpiece. Ramon followed a similar style by opting for a green suit. The pairs wedding décor further enhanced the pair’s artsy sides, featuring colourful hearts, ribbons, confetti and backdrops.  


Taking advantage of her artistic flair, Lena created a lot of DIY décor for her special day. “I hand-painted a chalkboard welcome sign and painted other signs around the venue too. With the help of my bridesmaids, I cut out hundreds of colourful hearts as the main decorations. These were hung from the ceiling, added to table décor and out on sticks in the grass outside. I made a ‘Best Day Ever’ banner for the backdrop of the ceremony and made our own cake topper too,” Lena says. The creative DIY streak also covered the pairs wedding stationary. “We made our own ceremony booklets, which included Bitmoji portraits of the bridal party and even a crossword that was all about the bride and groom,” the bride adds. 


How was your experience with Mrs Red Head Photography? 

“We were so happy with Olga our photographer. She worked brilliantly with our videographer and really captured the story of our day. We were so lucky to have a 

beautiful sunny day for our wedding and we can always look back this now. You will always have your memories but photos can give you so much more to remember so we were thrilled with the results.” 


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