Hair do’s for your ‘I do’s’  By Tara Woods       Framed Face  This look goes with absolutely everything. Its soft, pretty and comfortable for the long day ahead. So complimenting yet so durable this hairstyle is a must for a wedding this season, we can thank Megan Markle for the inspo on this one!    Soft, Sweet and Subtle  Look sweet…Continue Reading “Finding the perfect hair do for you”

The Jamaica Honeymoon Guide  By Niamh Hanlon         If you and your partner are a bit on the adventurous side and share a love for travelling and experiencing new culture, then why not consider going to Jamaica for your honeymoon. Jamaica is rich in culture and people in high spirits. Immerse yourself in the and fuelled by reggae. There…Continue Reading “The Jamaican honeymoon of a lifetime”

Fiona O’Malley & Stephen Foster  November 24, 2018 – Church of Holy Rosary & The Lakeside Hotel   Photos courtesy of Baker Photography    Fiona O’Malley and Stephen Foster were introduced to each other through their cousins and sparks flew immediately. They had begun to build a life together and soon Stephen was planning on popping…Continue Reading “A stunning November wedding at The Lakeside Hotel”

Emma Moore & Thomas Fox  August 3, 2018 – St. Patrick’s Church & Fitzgeralds Woodlands House Hotel   Photos courtesy of McMahon Studios    Primary school teacher Emma Moore, and carpenter Thomas Fox had gone to primary school and secondary school together, but it wasn’t until after when Emma was working in Poc Fada Bar in Ballylanders that they started falling for each…Continue Reading “A creative proposal from Thomas to Emma brought their Woodlands wedding day”

Amanda Gardiner and Diarmuid Ryan  August 17, 2018 – The Limerick Strand Hotel  Photos courtesy of Memory Lane Photography    A night out in Limerick brought Amanda Gardiner and Diarmuid Ryan together. “We met over 12 years ago, first setting eyes on each other on a night in Limerick while out for my sisters‘ birthday. Her long–term partner Grant and my husband are best friends…Continue Reading “The perfect ‘I do’ for Amanda & Diarmuid at the Limerick Strand Hotel”