Hair do’s for your ‘I do’s’  By Tara Woods       Framed Face  This look goes with absolutely everything. Its soft, pretty and comfortable for the long day ahead. So complimenting yet so durable this hairstyle is a must for a wedding this season, we can thank Megan Markle for the inspo on this one!    Soft, Sweet and Subtle  Look sweet…Continue Reading “Finding the perfect hair do for you”

The Jamaica Honeymoon Guide  By Niamh Hanlon         If you and your partner are a bit on the adventurous side and share a love for travelling and experiencing new culture, then why not consider going to Jamaica for your honeymoon. Jamaica is rich in culture and people in high spirits. Immerse yourself in the and fuelled by reggae. There…Continue Reading “The Jamaican honeymoon of a lifetime”

By Tara Woods Nothing compliments your new ring better than a fresh set of nails. With everyone always asking to see your hand with your new bling, it’s better not to hand them a paw with claws so treat yourself to a little nail-over. Go to your favourite salon and go get yourself jacked up girl!  Whether its gel,…Continue Reading “Heavenly hands”

Creative ways to bring the outside in    By Niamh Hanlon  Planning an outdoor wedding may be daunting considering how uncertain the weather in Ireland can be.  Make your day feel like you are outside this spring by introducing colours and textures to match the beautiful landscape. Leaving the dull and dark colours of winter behind and bringing brightness…Continue Reading “Bring the outside in for your wedding!”