Kayleen and Joseph eloped to Ireland for the perfect wedding day

Kayleen and Joseph eloped to Ireland for the perfect wedding day

Kayleen Wiersma & Joseph Harris  


October 10, 2017- Corcomroe Abbey  

Photos courtesy of The Tilted Tripod  


Kayleen Wiersma and Joseph Harris met through a mutual friend and it wasn’t long before they became well acquainted, with the pair agreeing it was most definitely love at first sight. Moving fast at the beginning of their relationship, Joseph was ready to ask Kayleen to be his wife mere months into the relationship.  

He talked to my parents about marrying me and they were, understandably, hesitant at first! However, it wasn’t until about a year and a half in that he proposed. It was in November of 2016 in the center of downtown Fort Worth, Texas where they have a beautiful water display. He got some of my older sisters in on it and popped the question after we had been walking around for a while. It was really lovely”, the blushing bride said.  


The Texas natives originally decided on a traditional wedding day but soon realised that eloping to Ireland’s stunning coast would be the perfect day for just the two of them.  

I am a worrier, an over-thinker and I don’t like big parties, so as soon as we booked a venue originally and I began worrying about the catering and if I would have time to see all the guests in the hustle and bustle of our big day, I had to stop and be real with myself. Eloping was not what I had dreamed my wedding would be like as a child, but with the support of our families, I knew that I didn’t want to do it any other way, and I’m so glad that we decided that. It was an entirely stress-free day, full of love, wonder and adventure. We got to soak every single one of those moments in and truly focus on each other and the commitments we were making that day. I just encourage other brides and grooms to do what feels the most ‘them’”, the bride said.  

And elope they did on October 10, 2017, tying the knot in an intimate ceremony with just themselves, their celebrant Victor McSweeney and their photographer Ciara McCullagh from Tilted Tripod Weddings present. Fighting the elements in The Burren, their dream day came to life.  

To celebrate saying “I do” together with their wedding suppliers, the newlyweds went for a drink afterwards which was the perfect way to end the ceremony.  


Memorable moments 


“Being on the cliffs at Hags Head was an absolutely dream. We both can still feel that wind whipping through our clothes and the freezing cold Atlantic spraying up into our faces. Those moments of being in a tight embrace and feeling as if we were standing on the edge o the world, are moments we’ll definitely hold on to forever. All day, in the breathtaking Abbey, on the Fanore beaches-we were constantly looking at each other in disbelief, thinking “Wow, we are really here. We really did this and it is everything we could have dreamed,” the bride recalls.  


A special song 

“One of the most special moments for me, as the bride, was walking down the aisle to Maestro by Hans Zimmer. I have wanted to get married to that song for years and years. I cannot express how emotional that moment was when the song started to play, and I walked through the arch of that 13th century Abbey, and down to the man of my dreams. It was so overwhelming. More than I could have ever dreamed or imagined as a child. A huge shout out to Ciara for getting a giant outdoor speaker for us, again, going above and beyond. When I told her how badly I wanted to incorporate that song into the ceremony, she didn’t hesitate in making some calls and getting the speaker for us,” Kayleen said.  



Personal touches 

“The whole day was so ‘us’, and we were very intentional about that. One thing that I did was get every member of my family to give me a little something that I could have with me on that day. My niece picked out my dress, my parents gave me a necklace, my sisters gave me earrings, perfume, etc. Also, since the hype is often more on the bride than on the groom, I wanted to make sure that Joseph had something special for that morning to open and enjoy. I used Love Book to create from scratch a customized book just for him, which is something I know he can cherish for a long time,” Kayleen shares.   




From the first time I contacted Ciara, I knew that I had found the perfect photographer for us. She is so lovely. I had a very specific idea of how I wanted our pictures to look. I really wanted to capture natural moments, and that’s exactly what she did and then some. She went above and beyond, continually, and was 100 percent ready to capture our Irish adventure, even on the several occasions that we all nearly blew away! She helped us be comfortable in front of the camera and has an excellent eye for the most perfect shots. 

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