Kids’ corner

Kids’ corner

By Ann Cronin

If your wedding is going to be a family-friendly celebration with plenty of youngsters on your guest list, it may be worth looking into different ideas and essentials worth incorporating into your big day to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. Ensure your child critics are kept happy with some of these kid-friendly wedding day additions.  


The best way to ensure you younger guests don’t lose patience is to have plenty of entertainment present on your day. If your budget allows, a children’s area with entertainment experts such as magicians or clowns, hire a bouncy castle, set up a mini dance floor, have a kids’ arts and crafts table or even have a games corner with plenty of entertainment options for your little ones. Make sure you have entertainment lined up for any long waiting periods, such as when the wedding party are taking photos or speeches are going on, just in case they don’t take well to waiting around.  

Hungry tummies  

Sometimes the wait until the wedding meal can be difficult, especially for little ones. We advise organising finger foods and light nibbles with your venue for in-between stages. Adopt some cuisine creativity into your day by hiring candy carts and carnival-style food vans to ensure everyone can keep energy levels up until dinner is served. If you’re buying your adult guests a round of drinks for the toasts, maybe provide your younger loved ones with something in place of this too, such as a piece of confectionary, a milk-shake or a fizzy drink of their choice. 

Sleepy heads  

A wedding is a tiring and long day even for the best of us, so it’s almost a guarantee that your younger attendees will tire out before the celebrations are done. While guests can bring their younger ones to bed at any point throughout a hotel reception, it may be worth looking into the venue or local area’s evening and night-time childcare services for those who wish to celebrate a little later. If someone is willing to play nanny for your big day, appointing a guest to watch over any sleep heads is always an easy solution and ensures you can trust your babysitter.   

Tummy troubles 

It’s always a possibility that one of your younger guests will feel under the weather or experience minor injury throughout your day. It can be a very long and energy-consuming event, and weather conditions can also cause illness to kick in. It’s wise to have mini first-aid kits on hand for these kinds of issues. Supplies for injuries such as plasters and lollipops are good inclusions, as well as a change of clothes and a bottle of Calpol for sick tummies. If you’re not from your wedding venue’s area, ensure you get contact information for the nearest doctors and out-of-hours surgery. We’re almost sure you won’t need it, but it’s good to take caution in case!

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