A day of heartfelt moments for Corina and Alex

A day of heartfelt moments for Corina and Alex

Corina Lee & Alex O’Brien 

September 29, 2017- Castle Oaks House Hotel 

Photos courtesy of Paul Mullins Photography 


Retail store manager Corina Lee first met her husband Alex O’Brien over 12 years ago, when the South Yorkshire native came to do a stock take a the shop she was working in. Six months after first meeting, the pair went on their first date. A few years later, the couple were blessed with their beautiful daughter Ava.  

“In October 2016, Alex had booked us and our then 2-year-old daughter Ava a trip back to his home town Rotherham so that she could see her grandparents and we could enjoy a few nights out together and catch up with friends. He also wanted to take me out for a nice walk and a picnic so we headed to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’d never been before but Alex had said it was a nice and unique kind of place. After half an hour of walking around the park, we ended up at a small old-style building overlooking a lake. No-one else was around. I sat down on a bench and next thing I knew, Alex was down on one knee popping the question. I was so shocked as I never expected it to happen as we had been together for six years by that time already,” Corina shares.  


Reception venue Castle Oaks House Hotel  

Dress Virginia’s Bridal  

Suits Esquire  

Photographer Paul Mullins Photography  


A special mention must be given to Paul Mullins as his photography on the day was amazing. We have been thrilled with his photos and he even put together a slide show for us and our guests before the first dance. He since put up this slide show online and we have received so many positive comments about it even from people who were not there. 





Personal touches 

“Alex’s father engraved a shot glass for every guest and gave everyone a shot of Baileys in it to have during the speeches. During his speech, he asked everyone to drink their shot and check their glass as he had engraved three glasses with a special heart. The people with these glasses all won a hamper that Alex’s mother had put together full of Yorkshire goodies. They had crisps, vodka, tea bags, sweets, and biscuits in there. The winners were delighted!” the bride shares.   

Memorable moments 

“Alex’s favourite moment was seeing Ava walk up the aisle with her flowers and ‘Daddy here comes Mummy’ sign while ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri played. It was a very emotional moment. This was followed by me with my eldest brother David and Alex said that he just couldn’t believe how incredible and happy I looked. During the service, we had asked our friends who were doing the music to play the ‘Twelfth of Never’ by Johnny Mathis. This was a song special to Alex’s grandparents. Alex’s grandfather had only passed away in 2016 and the way the song was played and sang by Alan Greaney (vocalist) was so emotional and magical. There was barely a dry eye in the house even for our guests who did not know the meaning or relevance of the piece,” Corina said.  

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