A New Year’s wedding to mark the beginning of a new life together

A New Year’s wedding to mark the beginning of a new life together

January 1, 2019 – Castle Oaks House Hotel  

Olivia Irwin & James Conway 

Photos courtesy of Tony Clancy Photography  



Childhood sweethearts Olivia Irwin and James Conway had an instant connection when they meet in their teens.   I was 14 he was 17, he drove a fancy scooter and passed by every evening with his friends on their scooters, until one night he stopped in while I was hanging around with my friends”, Olivia recalls.  

After eight years together, James proposed on Christmas of 2007. Little did Olivia know that the chain she had asked for would have an engagement ring on it! It was completely unexpected and very cute Olivia said.  The couple took their time in planning their wedding and opted for a stunning New Year’s Day wedding at Castle Oaks House Hotel.  


Memorable moments 

One of my favourite parts of the wedding has to be letting go of the balloons that night. We let them off before the first dance. They were like little stars in the sky! Olivia shared. This was to mark the start of a New year and to remember the family and friends they had lost. My favourite part was seeing the kids and Olivia walking down the aisle”, James recalls.   


How was your experience with Tony Clancy Photography? 

“We have both known Tony since we were teens but that didn’t let his professionalism stand in the way. From seeing previous weddings he had done we knew we wanted Tony to shoot our wedding from the beginning! All I can say is Tony is one of the nicest people to deal with. He was so discreet and he’s imagination as a photographer is amazing! We both would highly recommend him.” 


How was your experience with O’Donovan Productions? 

“Rory made us laugh and made us feel very relaxed.  He was also very discrete and professional making every moment of their special day be captured so beautifully. I would 100 percent recommend Rory. 



Brides of Limerick Team  

Photographer Tony Clancy Photography 

Music DJ Johnatha 

Hair Park Avenue Hair and Makeup 

Videographer O’Donovan Productions 



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