A picture perfect pairing

A picture perfect pairing

By Ann Cronin 

 Your wedding photographs will pull at your heart strings every time you see them from the time you say ‘I do’, with cherished memories flooding back at the sight of you and your new husband or wife walking up that aisle.  The professional photos taken by your photographer will be the ones that will be your forever photos but if you’re a photo fanatic, there’s no harm in adding an extra fun element to your day. See what we mean with this lot.  

Add some visuals to your guestbook Whether you would like guests to place a copy of their photo-booth snaps alongside their heartfelt messages, or if you want to set up a polaroid camera for people to take a pic with when signing, this addition can help you remember the day and the people you spent it with in a much more vivid way.  

Disposable cameras are no longer a thing of the past Having a disposable camera placed at every table can allow your guests to snap away and capture moments you may have been too busy to be a part of yourself. Giving the children at your wedding access to their own camera might show you aspects of your big day from the eyes of the little ones in your life. Developing the films of each camera and having a selection of unique one-of-a-kind photos of your day will be a great addition to your album.  

Create a virtual post-box for all of your guests to drop off their snaps Whether this be through a shared Dropbox folder or a Facebook group page of all your guests, this allows everyone to share their snaps around so you can get a huge range of angles and see everyone’s individual take on your day. This also ensures many of the pictures from your day will remain safe and never get lost or destroyed over time.  

#MyBigDay Creating a Hashtag for your big day and reminding your guests to use it across every platform will ensure that you don’t miss a single post about your big day and gives you the memory to look back on in years to come.  




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