Saying ‘I do’ in summer

Saying ‘I do’ in summer


By John Harty 

Summer and a wedding is a match made in heaven, not unlike you and your future spouse. The sunny season offers adventure and possibilities galore and a wedding is the start of one of the greatest adventures you’ll ever have, so why not celebrate the summer by incorporating it into your wedding with a few simple elements. 

Beautiful berries 

Whether you’re eating them or using them as decorations, berries provide a summer freshness that is perfect for any wedding during the sunny season. With a wide selection of various types of berries from strawberries to blueberries you’ll have a large colour pallet to choose from to brighten up your wedding decorations. 

Light and bright 

 Your colour scheme for your wedding says a lot about the atmosphere you want on the day, for a relaxed and soothing atmosphere try incorporating some pastel colours into your wedding day. Also, if you want to keep your wedding trendy try looking up what colours florists are using this summer for their flowers, this’ll give you a large colour pallet to choose from. 

Summer favours 

 This is a fantastic way to share your summer feelings with your guests by gifting them an object that’ll remind them of the summer even if it’s not sunny on the day. Whatever reminds you of summer, whether it’s sunglasses or seashells, you’ll be able to find something that’ll pass on your appreciation of summer to your guests.  


 Not much can compete with the romance and beauty that a sunset provides and if you’re lucky enough to get a sunny day, make sure to take time during your wedding with your new husband or wife and appreciate the great day you’ve both had while relaxing under a romance filled sunset. 

Ice cool lemonade  

 A unique and quirky addition to your wedding to sunny up the atmosphere is a good old-fashioned lemonade stand. If the weather is melting pot hot your guests will definitely find use of the lemonade stand and even if the sun isn’t shining the lemonade will provide the taste of summer that sun doesn’t.  

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