Something Blue

Something Blue

Something blue  

By Tara Woods 

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue 

The ‘something blue’ tradition is one many brides still opt for for their own wedding day. Finding something unique and authentic or even personal can be a tricky task. Here are some ideas for something blue for your wedding day. 


You can incorporate blue by adding blue ribbons to wherever you please. Such as in your hair, on your dress, around your bouquet or even tie one around your ring finger before the ring is put on.  



You could add some beautiful blue flowers to your bouquet as your something blue, like the gorgeous little Forget-Me-Not flowers which symbolise true love and remembrance or the blue dandelion which symbolises faithfulness, happiness and tranquillity. 



Having a little pop of blue pop out from underneath your dress is such a sweet idea, so why not go for a blue shoe for your wedding day. Or if you’ve already found the perfect pair why not carefully paint the sole of your shoe a beautiful blue shade, to have your something blue close to you all day. something blue shoes



Keep your something blue a little secret and surprise your husband later with a sultry blue garter, such a cute yet sexy way to introduce the blue to your wedding. Celebrate M+J turning 8 and enjoy 20% off site wide with code Valentine19. Good until Sunday ♡   The perfect something blue garters! #wedding #somethingblue #bridalboudoir #weddinggarter



A nice little light blue nail is a lovely way to incorporate your something blue, pick a nice shade to suit your skin tone and you’re ready to go! essie pale blue nails



I adore the idea of adding your something blue to your wedding through a beautiful pair of earrings. A little pop of colour can really brighten up and accentuate your eyes.  Dusty Blue Earrings Dusty Blue Drop Earrings Bridesmaids | Etsy



Why not make that something blue your ring! That way you can always carry that symbol of love and fidelity with you wherever you go! Pale Blue Sapphire Lady's Slipper Ring



Add little blue flowers to your hair or even stick little blue gems in your hair for a touch of sparkle. A headband or hair pin are good ideas for something blue too. 



Why not add a personal touch of blue to your wedding day by stitching something heartfelt onto the inside of your dress in blue, such as you and your fiancé’s names, the date of your wedding day or even a loved one’s name who has passed away. 



This old time classic is such a nice thing to carry around with you on your wedding day, especially seeing as it is a day full of emotions so it’s good to pat away the tears of joy with a gorgeous blue handkerchief. Gifts for the Bride, Vintage Hanky, Funny Embroidery, Something Blue, Something Old, Gifts for Her, Under 30, Wedding Accessories, Stitched by HookAndHoop on Etsy


Dressing Gown 

Getting ready for your wedding day can be a bit stressful but blue is known to be the colour of relaxation, so why not opt for a blue dressing gown to relax you before your big day. This sexy short blue robe with white lace is made of stretch satin. The sleeves as well as the hem are trimmed with wide white Chantilly lace. The robe is of original fit with loose sleeves below elbow. The satin robe will be a perfect gift for any of the holidays, as well as



If you’re feeling adventurous why not add a lovely blue sash to your dress to tie your whole outfit together. Such a nice and noticeable way to add that blue in. 



It is so important to have something to hold all your little essential bits with you for the day such as your lipstick and phone, so why not go for a blue clutch. A pretty and practical way of adding in your something blue. 


Bridesmaid dresses 

Really make your statement with some beautiful blue bridesmaid dresses, flower girl or even mother of the bride for a nice matching, tied together look. A-Line Sleeveless Chiffon Cheap Long Bridesmaid Dresses,FPWG026



Go for something sexy yet subtle with some stunning blue lingerie, something that your partner would enjoy too.  


Wedding Cake 

Go all out with your wedding cake and add a pop of something blue, tasty and tactical! 


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