A spellbinding mix of superheroes and Harry Potter for Sabrina & Kevin’s day

A spellbinding mix of superheroes and Harry Potter for Sabrina & Kevin’s day

Sabrina Shortt & Kevin O’Meara 

October 26, 2018 – Charleville Park Hotel  

Photos courtesy of Tony Clancy Photography 


Self-proclaimed Harry Potter fanatic Sabrina Shortt and sports enthusiast Kevin O’Meara both hail from Co. Limerick and met though Sabrina’s sister’s husband. “Kevin and her husband were friends since they were in school. My sister and her husband were constantly trying to set us up on a date but I was having none of it. Eventually, after weeks of him pursuing me, I agreed to go on a date with Kevin. From that night on, I knew I had found someone special,” Sabrina recalls fondly. In 2016, Kevin proposed on Sabrina’s birthday with the help of the couple’s three kids Jordan, Kayla and Taylor. Of course, Sabrina said yes and the wedding date was set for October 26, 2018 with both the ceremony and reception taking place at the beautiful Charleville Park Hotel. 


The Brides of Limerick team  

Venue Charleville Park Hotel 

Photographer Tony Clancy Photography 

Suits Esquire 



Sabrina recalls walking into the ceremony room at Charleville Park for the first time as one of her highlights of the day. “I was so nervous, but when I saw Kevin, I felt so calm. I was so excited to get to the top of the aisle knowing our big day was finally here,” she explains. Kevin also cites Sabrina’s arrival as his favourite moment. “The song being performed as she walked down the aisle was ‘I only want to be with you’ and it described how I felt when I first met Sabrina, word for word,” Kevin shared.  


Staying true to their interests, Sabrina and Kevin’s wedding had a lot of unique touches. A subtle Harry Potter tribute could be seen in the wedding’s shots’ menu and their chosen décor, while Kevin got a surprise visit from a famous trophy. “Our wedding had a surprise visit from the Liam McCarthy cup. Never in a million years did I think I’d get a picture holding that trophy in my wedding dress! It was the highlight of the night for everyone, so were very grateful to Kevin’s brother Paul and to Mike Riordan for organising it. It’s a memory that will stay with us forever,” Sabrina reveals. 


As the pair are both huge superhero comic fans, it seemed only fitting to represent this on their special day too. “We were joined by Superman and Wonder Woman beanie teddies at the top table. We also had a superhero city backdrop and props for our photo-booth,” Sabrina explains.  


How was your experience with Tony Clancy Photography? 

“This man is a genius. We first met Tony at a wedding fayre in the Charleville Park Hotel and we loved his display of photos. They were unique but natural and not too posed. When I told about our superhero theme and our Harry Potter shots he was so excited. He even brought some wands to take the most amazing photo I have ever seen. He was fantastic from start to finish and had such great ideas for our photos. He has such a great personality and is brilliant at what he does.” 


How was your experience with Charleville Park Hotel? 

“From the moment we visited the Charleville Park wedding fayre, we fell in love with the place. We then met the lovely Barbra who we clicked with instantly. Any ideas we had she made them work, and we believe we’ve found a great friend in her. The whole staff at the hotel were amazing on our day. The food is still being talked about, it was so delicious. The service was second to none and everyone went out of their way to make out day extra special. It’s a day we’ll never forget.” 





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