Summer lovin’

Summer lovin’


By Ann Cronin

The busiest time of the year for the wedding calendar, summer continues to be the most ideal and popular period of the year to tie the knot. If you’re planning the perfect summer ceremony here are a few of our essential tips and  inspo for how you can make the most out of your celebrations.  

Flowers fantasies 

The flowers you choose for your big day play a crucial role in setting the ambiance, and if you wish to ensure a summer seasonal vibe can be felt on your day, there are some classic summer blooms that will help this. Think poppies, cornflower, forget-me-nots and sweet-pea. Chat with your florist about what flowers will best help you achieve your summer décor goals and what colours and scents are the most popular this year.  Check out a list of our recommended florists on  



It’s easy and effective to incorporate some summer-time flavours and tastes into your wedding meal. If you’re providing quests with some snack and nibbles between your ceremony and the main meal, you could work with your venue to add some summer zest to these appetizers. Fruit salad skewers, ice lollies, frozen yoghurts or fresh smoothies served along-side your traditional finger-food nibbles will ensure the summer vibes will be present on your big day. 


Summer shades 

Summer brings with it a wide host of colour schemes and themes which have an undeniable appeal for anyone planning a summer wedding.  If you want to encapsulate the summer aesthetic in your venue and décor, opt for a summer colour combo palette, such as pastel pink and grey, deep burgundy and sunflower yellow and pastel blue and peach and a simple nude and pale rose colour. Pairing up complimentary summer shades in your décor, flower choices, and bridal party outfits will help your wedding be captured as a sunshine paradise.  


The great outdoors 

If you’ve chosen to make the most of your summer wedding by hosting your day partly or entirely outdoors, there are an abundance of fun and creative additions to your reception that will ensure your guests have the time of their lives. Outdoor lawn games such as ring toss,  giant jenga and croquet aren’t just for kids – guests of all ages will get enjoyment from these activities. IF you want to truly represent the summer spirit, having a classic BBQ in the evening to feed all those dedicated late-night party guests is always a favourite. Be creative with your wedding favours too, as these can be summer themed and include items which are very beneficial when planning an outdoor evening.  


Beach brides 

Many couples opt to include the beach in their summer wedding in one way or anothe. Be it the location for your ceremony, photos, evening events or day-after plans, incorporating some seaside celebrations is never a bad call. You and your newly-wed can watch the sun set, dance on the beach, have an iconic ocean as the backdrop to some of your snaps, get a glowing send off with sparklers or letting off lanterns and even have a picnic or BBQ with all your guests. Don’t forget to have a back-up or alternative plan to the beach though, as trusting the Irish elements is not always a wise move! 

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