Summer wedding favours

Summer wedding favours


By Ann Cronin 

Wedding favours are the ultimate way of putting a unique touch on your big day. They allow room for creativity and individuality, as well providing your loved ones with a meaningful keepsake to remember your special day by. Here are a list of our favourite quirky wedding favours  for the summer season for you to draw some inspiration from. 

Summer survival kit 

To ensure the maintenance of the summer vibes, as well as the comfort of your guests, additions such as cute hand fans, complimentary flip flops, sun-cream and bug spray may be a good idea for outdoor events. You can ensure your guests are all feeling their best whilst also emphasising the summer trend during your big day. This kind of practicality in your favours will be greatly appreciated by your loved ones. 

Goodbye goodies 

Give your guests a send-off gift by providing everyone with a mini goodie bag. This can be filled with any items of your choice, and if your wedding is in any way themed this can be a way of tying in the theme. We’re thinking a sweet thank you card from you and your beloved, a small bottle of alcohol, some chocolate or other sweet treats, a candle, a postcard or souvenir for the location of your wedding, or even a bottle of water and some painkillers for any sorry heads in the morning. 

Carnival quirks 

Adding a theme to your day overall or just to your wedding favours is a way of ensuring your wedding stands out from the lot. Given the time of year it is, we love the idea of having a fun-fair vibe present in your day. Favours such as little bags of candyfloss, jars of popcorn kernels, a packet of chocolate treats are bound to be popular among your guests. If you want to go a step further, the classic sparklers will only addto this fun-fair ambiance and ensure your wedding reception stand out from the lot. 


Personalised presents 

Giving each gift a personalised parting present is always a good idea, as it ensures that your gift is unique to that of every other wedding couple. Getting a personalised thank you magnet with a photo of you and your partner, a candle or bottle opener engraved with your names and wedding date, or even a mini version of any scented candles used during your reception are ideal unique tokens of gratitude for your guests. 


Post-party essentials 

A kit of the must-haves for the end of the night or morning after are always a good choice and will be much appreciated by your guests when they realise how much practicality their packing choices lacked. Important items such as mints, hair brushes, toothpaste and toothbrush, make up wipes, hair bands, plasters and maybe a pair of comfy fluffy socks will be very much appreciated when your guests are feeling less than one hundred percent.


Kids club 

If your wedding is a kid- friendly zone, it may be worth providing them with their own personalised favours such as crayons and colouring pages and Legos. If it is an outdoor event, options such as bubbles or glow sticks can provide easy entertainment for little ones. 





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