Team wedding

Team wedding

by Carrie Moloney

Every wedding begins with a proposal… And it doesn’t just
stop at one. We all know the importance of the first “will you?” and the final
“I do!”, but what about the other very special questions that are asked in

Weddings are synonymous with romance, with declarations of
devotion and lengthy love letters. Love is in the air, and everybody knows it.
I’d like to write a love letter of a different sort, more of a group hug on
paper. A tribute to the A Team who are there to hold the bride’s hand and to
prop the groom up on the day. A homage to some of the star players in the
wedding world – the bridal party.

If I were to write this letter to my own bridal squad, I’d
say a very big thank you. First up, I’d say thanks to my bridesmaids for being
a delight throughout the hunt for the perfect dresses. Whether I suggested a
rainbow of pastel petticoats or perfectly coordinated full-length gowns,
nothing phased these ladies. In today’s

wedding world, anything goes. Bridesmaids’ dresses are no
longer all about reams of matching taffeta or squeezing everyone into a
singularly unflattering frock. There’s an overwhelming array of choices on
offer, and that in itself can lead to all sorts of distress about the dress.
The best way to avoid getting your garter in a twist? Embrace the possibilities
and have fun with them! Your big day will be all the more picture-perfect for

I’d also have to say thanks for being on alert and averting

minor disasters without as much as a squeak. It could happen
that a bride, who shall remain unnamed, might put her engagement ring somewhere
safe while she’s washing her face on the wedding morning, and that safe place
might be so safe that it takes all three bridesmaids to find the ring again. It
could well happen that a very busy groom forgets to download the reception entrance
song, and some quick thinking and an iTunes raid by a clever groomsman is
called for. It could even transpire that the band just might accidently go to
the wrong hotel, and need to be corralled back to the ranch. There’s no end to
the list of mini-dilemmas that

can crop up unexpectedly on a wedding day, but having your A
Team at hand means that all potential meltdowns should be swiftly averted
before any harm is done.

Finally, I would say thank you for being indescribably and
uniquely special. Every wedding will have its one-of-a-kind moments, and so
many of these were brought about by our wonderful wedding party. I don’t think
I’ll ever forget having to be guided to my hotel room with my eyes closed on
the night before the wedding,

because it was past midnight and our very conscientious
bridal party wouldn’t allow my husband-to-be and I to see each other. Nor will
I forget our best man’s speech. After breaking out in a sweat and ducking under
the top table to try to find his missing notes, he ended up delivering a
faultless speech from memory. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house… And he found
his notes

immediately afterwards. He’d been sitting on them the entire
time. The unscripted moments are often the most special, and they’re all the
more precious for it.

Granted, getting a bridal party in place isn’t always a walk
in the park. Choosing your bridesmaids and groomsmen should be the easiest
thing on your wedding to-do list – you know that you want to have your closest
friends and family by your side on your

special day, and surely that’s all there is to it. It’s not
always that easy, and, as with every decision you make in the weird and
wonderful land of wedding planning, picking your wedding party can end up being
an exercise in diplomacy that takes some very delicate handling. The whole
Clinton versus Trump saga has

nothing on a Battle of the Bridesmaids in full flow. In the
end, however, those who are there will be there for the best possible reasons,
and it’s a truly lovely thing to be able to show someone just how much they
mean to you by asking them to be by your side on what will be one of the most
important days of your life.

So, to bridesmaids and groomsmen everywhere – I applaud you.
On behalf of beleaguered brides and frazzled grooms the world over, thank you

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