Things you need to know when dress shopping

Things you need to know when dress shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping – Things to know 

By Niamh Hanlon 

Wedding dress shopping is probably the most exciting part of planning a wedding, for the gals anyway! Every bride to be has something different in mind for their dream bridal look but finding the perfect dress can be quite stressful if you go about it the wrong way. Here we have put together a little advice sheet to help you find the perfect dress in the perfect amount of time for your big day.  

Getting started  

It is always good to get looking as soon as you say yes. Not on is it exciting but it is good to start getting ideas of what you want. It is important to start looking at different style ideas, start looking at Instagram, Pinterest and magazines to get inspiration.  Wedding dress shops are usually very accommodating but it is always a good idea to get in early. 

Expensive taste 

When buying something as important as a dress, you want to make sure you have a budget in mind as wedding dresses may be costly. It is also very important to start saving for your wedding dress, don’t let your wedding dress break your bank, stick with something you can afford.  

Who to bring 

No bride wants to be stressed when buying her wedding dress. Bring two or three close friend or family whose opinion you value and appreciate.  Bringing too many people may allow for too many opinions which may add stress to your day.  Wedding Forward™ | Blog on Instagram: “How would you spend your bridal morning, darling? ❤😘 . . Photo by @bethanysmallphoto Bride @cmcoving”

Keep an open mind 

Don’t be afraid to try something different. A lot of brides to be have an idea of what dress they want and refuse to like or try anything else. Keep an open mind and try on a few different styles, lengths or even colours! You never know you might end up loving something you may have been afraid to try. 

Start stylin 

It’s a good idea to bring along the shoes you want to wear on the day or ones that are roughly the same height, just to help you choose the dress. Bring jewellery that you may want to wear on the day and use them to help you choose the dress also. 

Found the gown? 

Once you’ve said yes to the dress it time to relax. It may be a good idea to put your dress up so you don’t stay looking at it or trying it on. But do take it out for your fittings before the big day and let the excitement begin. Time to put your feet up and be happy that you found the perfect dress.  

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