How to throw an unbeatable bridal shower

How to throw an unbeatable bridal shower

By Ann Cronin  

Now that your she has that diamond ring firmly upon her finger, your engaged gal-pal is going to be the VIP of your social circle for the coming months. If you want to congratulate the beloved bride-to-be in style, it may be worth organising a bridal shower party in her honour. If this is new territory for you, here are our tips for throwing an unforgettable bridal shower for the leading lady.    

A helping hand 

There’s strength in numbers, especially when it comes to party planning. Enlist an entourage to help you organise the party and allocate roles and responsibilities to everyone involved. It will be most successful if you have a team of the bride-to-be’s nearest and dearests involved in planning and decision-making. As a general rule of thumb, the bridal shower is usually not in any way organised by the bride-to-be – she’ll have enough on her plate as it is! 

The basics 

The when, where, who and how much elements need to be decided upon and planned before any finer details are looked at. Have a sit down with the bride to discuss when she is available to attend, who she wants to be invited and any other details she wants considered. You can then start planning accordingly. If you must book venues or entertainment, make this a priority. Create a list of who must be invited as well as a budget. Total up the estimated cost and decide how it will be split and paid for. Bear in mind that usually the bride won’t be expected to pay for her own bridal shower.  

The fun part 

Having discussed the essentials and the absolutely-nots with the bride, you can now start planning the event. A bridal shower is different from a hen party in that its usually a more refined celebration that lasts for three to five hours. We recommend coming up with a theme to set the menu, décor and favours around. Consider the bride’s interests and pluck inspiration from those. If you’re stuck for inspiration, our favourite themes include pamper and self-care sessions, afternoon tea parties, glam garden soirées or a quirky cocktail celebration. It’s also common practice to play games at bridal showers such as How Well Do You Know the Bride. 

The finer details  

Ensure everyone is either sent a physical or digital invite and keep track of RSVPs. As well as purchasing necessary party supplies, it’s always appreciated to include small bridal-shower favours or gifts for the guests. If the bride wishes to thank guests who bought her a gift, keep a list of those people for her convenience. If there’s anyone who can’t make it, ask them to write a message of good fortune or congratulations for the bride that can be read and acknowledged on the day. Finally, ensure that the bride has a stress-free and entertaining day and don’t forget to reward yourselves for your hard work as well!

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