Two cultures combined for an Absolutely perfect day

Two cultures combined for an Absolutely perfect day

Photos courtesy of Philipe Photography 

August 26, 2017- St Cronan’s Church & The Absolute Hotel  

Karolina Wozna & Jason Fletcher 

Polish beauty Karolina Wozna first met Jason Fletcher in her first year studying at Waterford Institute of Technology, while Jason was in his third year. The pair have been inseparable ever since their college days and after years of dating, one Christmas would become very special to the couple.  

“Jason originally wanted to propose on Christmas day, with family around. However, he had bought the ring at the beginning of December and couldn’t wait any longer.  On December 18, he decided we would exchange a small Christmas present as we both had finished up work early.  He handed me a box which to me looked like a mobile phone. To my surprise, when I opened the box, there was only a note saying, “turn over”. When I did, I could see a Christmas name tag on which he wrote “Hope you like your Christmas present, I love you forever”. When I looked up, he was already down on one knee, with the ring in his hand, he then asked if I would be his wife.  It was the best Christmas ever, every day we had an amazing reason to celebrate, and to top it all of it was a time we could enjoy with our families,” the bride fondly recalls.  

A wedding date was set for August 26, 2017 with a ceremony at St Cronan’s Church followed by an amazing reception at the Absolute Hotel.  


Celebrating her roots with some Polish wedding traditions, Karolina threaded her wedding day with elements of her home country traditions.  “The men line up; the groom has his eyes closed and once the music stops and he throws the tie.  The same thing happens with the veil for the women. Whoever catches it must then put the tie and the veil on, and dance together for one song. Years ago, it was a way for single people to break the ice and have a few dances together. Now of course it’s only a bit of fun!”, Karolina shared.  


“For both of us, our first dance was the most memorable, we both felt so relaxed and so happy. 

We started dancing and it was the time for our first spin.  My hair got cut in Jason’s cuff-links which I had engraved and given to him the night before. It was a funny moment, and the photographer even captured it! Our dog Tina was also with us on the day. We put a little white bow on her, and she took pictures with us at the church. She is a miniature dachshund and was so excited to see us on the day!”, the bride shares. 


“My mam had asked that after the ceremony, Jason and I would be last to leave the church.  

When we came out my brother and one of the groomsman, stood at each side of the door and set off wedding confetti, little white butterflies were flying everywhere, it was very sweet, the same was done during our first dance. Jason’s parents and my mother, were waiting for us at the front door when we arrived at the venue. My mother welcomed us into the hotel. She was holding a plate which contained some bread, salt, and 2 shot glasses, filled with Vodka. It was a symbol to wish us all the best in the future, for us to never go hungry and always be happy together.,” Karolina said of the polish tradition.  


 Venue The Absolute Hotel 

Flowers Ring O’Roses 

Cake The Fairy queen, Shannon 


“From the moment Jason and I chose the Absolute Hotel to be our venue and down to the last minute of our wedding, they were extremely helpful.  We had a lot of personal touches, which they set up for us in the most perfect way. I knew the room would look beautiful, but it really turned out stunning and the food was to die for! Karen helped us with every little detail. The pictures were fabulous, it’s quite a modern but very elegant hotel, so it all looks very original in the pictures!” 

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