Ways to preserve your wedding bouquet

Ways to preserve your wedding bouquet

Ways to preserve your wedding bouquet 


By Niamh Hanlon  


Your wedding bouquet is an important aspect of your bridal look. Not only is it a personal piece to every bride but it is an important one.  The type of flower or foliage you choose for your wedding bouquet will always bring back memories of your wedding and being able to preserve the original can be even more special. There are many ways of preserving your bouquet, so we’re showing you how to treasure each and every petal.  

 Have two bouquets  

Ordering two bouquets from your florist means you can have one to toss too all of the single ladies, and one to keep.  A great way to prevent this is to have two bouquets, have a similar looking one to toss and keep your one. This way you can ensure your bouquet stays intact and perfect for preservation. 


 Leave it to the professionals 

A great way to preserve the flowers in your bouquet is to go to a professional flower preserver. If your bouquet is fully intact, they will be able to dry it out completely and frame your bouquet. If it’s a little worse for wear after the big day, opt to have some of the petal dried. Some of the petals and stalks can be dried to make framed pictures.  Love that the garter is included in this preserved bouquet shadowbox! #weddingga... #bouquet #garter #included #preserved #shadowbox #weddingga #weddingmementos

Do it yourself 

A great way to preserve your bouquet is to dry it out and to make potpourri. This way you can guarantee that your bouquet will last a long time after the ‘I do’s’. To reminisce on the day, add the perfume you choose to wear on the big day you wore on the day. This is a very unique way to preserve your bouquet and very a personal way.  



Dried petals can be used in candles to give a very unique look. This is a great way to preserve your bouquet as you can use the candles to decorate your house. You can even have the candle engraved and keep it to remember the special day. This is a very special way to preserve your bouquet, adding your own personal touch to something that you can use to decorate your home. Easy DIY flower petal candle holder - spring homer decor // Gyönyörű lámpás befőttesüvegből virágszirmokkal - tavaszi dekoráció // Mindy - craft tutorial collection // #crafts #DIY #craftTutorial #tutorial 

Bath bombs 

If you want to give a very different flare to preserving your bouquet why not try something that is very trendy. Use dried petals to make bath bombs. This is different yet can be very fun to do. 

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