How to relax before the big day

How to relax before the big day

By Michaela Keating

The lead up to the big day can be a hectic few weeks for a bride-to-be. With only a week to go until you say “I do”, it’s time to relax, let all the planning fall into place and totally de-stress before the big day. Here are some ways to switch off and soak up your last few pre- marriage days. Stay stress free with these three: 


A weekend away 

After all the madness with engagement and hen and stag parties done and dusted, take some time to wind down. Head away for a night the weekend before your wedding with your other half to catch up with them and try to keep any wedding talk to minimum. It’s important to enjoy your last few days before becoming husband and wife and give you time to soak up this new exciting adventure you’re taking together.  


Take some ‘me’ time 

Looking after your head and embracing wellness is also important at this hectic time of your life. Taking time for yourself is always a necessity every now and then, so making sure to give yourself some head space in the lead up to your wedding day is super important. Do something you enjoy or something you used to do but became too busy lately to do it. Go to a yoga class, treat yourself to a facial or even binge watch your favourite TV show with some goodies. This will keep any pre-wedding jitters at bay and allow you to get back into the groove after taking a day off for you.  


Technology detox 

We are all guilty of spending too much time on our phones but putting it away for an hour or two a day can be great for clearing the mind. Mute your emails, stop scrolling through the Instagram feed and catch up on your favourite Snapchatters later. Swap your social media time for a coffee with a friend or a visit home to your family to chat about the wedding and your last few days of being a fiance. This will keep you buzzing about the next few days with people that are close to you and avoid any unnecessary time spent on social media.  



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