I said yes, what’s next?

I said yes, what’s next?

 By Michaela Keating

If you have found your way to us here at Brides of Limerick, it can only mean one thing: you’re getting married! This is such a magical time for the two of you and it’s important to bask in that post- engagement glow and enjoy this happy time in your life. Remember, this is the lead up to your wedding day so take as much time as you like before delving into the planning process.  When you do decide to start sewing up the big day, it can be overwhelming deciding on where to begin, so we’ve compiled a general timeline of items that should take priority and what comes first when it comes to tying the knot! 

Talk it out 

Whether you have never spoken about getting married before or you think you have an idea of what you want for your wedding day, the most important thing to go through in the initial weeks of your engagement is to go through what you both want. Having an idea of what each of you would like makes it easier when it comes to decision making for the big and small details of your day. Think location, time of year and an estimated budget before setting out too book your date. Open a bottle of wine and chill on the couch for you guys to enjoy creating the aspects of your wedding day together.  


Venue shopping  

The place where you celebrate your wedding day will always have a place in your heart, reminding you of one of the most important days of your life. Deciding on your venue is the most time sensitive task at hand once you get engaged. Having an estimated date in your mind or a selection of a few dates in your mind when scoping out venues can make the process easier when checking out availability. Remember that there are many other couples looking for their perfect venue too, and dates can be booked up over 18 months prior to the big day. Discuss with your partner what you want from the venue in terms of food, service, room cost for guests and nearby picture taking locations. Chat to the wedding co-ordinator at each hotel or venue you visiting and get a sense of whether or not you feel you are all on the same page too.  



Being realistic and smart with your budget and spending costs is incredibly important when planning your big day. Assess how much you can afford to spend on your wedding, the number of guests you would like to invite, cost per person at the venue etc and weigh up your options on what is achievable and what isn’t. It can be easy to lose control of the spending so keep a close eye on it and make any financial decisions together.   


Insure your engagement ring 

That sparkler on your left hand may be the sole object of your affections in the coming months (along your hubby to be, of course!) but it is vital that it is covered from any unfortunate incidents. The sentimental value of your engagement ring is priceless but covering all bases and getting it insured will at least guarantee a replacement if the unthinkable happens.  


Top tip: Enjoy this time with your fiancé and try not to get bogged down in any stressful situations. At the end of the day, your wedding is all about you so embrace it and make the most of this special time together. Open a glass of wine and sit down to plan with open minds and your perfect wedding day will fall into place.  

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