You Glow Girl!

You Glow Girl!

You glow girl! 

By Niamh Hanlon 

Having that bridal glow can make all the difference to your confidence on your wedding day. Before you add the hair and make-up you want to make sure you have the perfect base to work with. We have put together some tips and tricks to help you achieve that radiant glow every bride wants. Just remember a little goes a long way when prepping your skin for something like your wedding day. 

 Take a break 

One of the key things to do when prepping your skin for your big day is to take a break. Allowing your skin to breathe by going make-up free every so can make a big difference coming up to your big day. Try  to use avoid perfumed skin care products. Use sensitive non-perfumed facial washes and use cool toners or substitute a toner for very cold water. This will allow your skin to do what it is supposed to and it will reduce any blemishes or redness.  Celebrate Woman: Woman-washing-face with #Argan oil


Prepping with proper products 

To ensure you get that beautiful dewy look on your wedding day your skin must be moisturised and well hydrated. A simple everyday moisturizer twice a day will do the trick. A little really does go a long way. Stick to a simple routine and allow your skin to do its own thing. Always remember that an oil-based product will help those with dry skin and a normal or sensitive moisturizer will help those with normal skin or even slightly oil skin.  

Beauty from within 

 By drinking lots of water daily and by eating the right foods, your skin will show greater results than any store-bought product. The right foods include, foods with no saturated fat, foods high in protein and juicy foods with a high-water content. Foods high in saturated fat are full of grease and will cause unwanted blemishes.  

Ask a professional  

If you have an issue that may require a little bit more attention, you may need to talk to a dermatologist. Talking to a professional will have your skin looking as radiant as ever on your big day. They will recommend what products you should be using to ensure you get the glow you are after. Facial Masks from Beauty


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